Our Event Medical/First Aid Services


Best Sport Medics also specialises Event Medical/First Aid. Our Teams are all highly trained and have years of experience of handling First Aid issues at Community Events. From a few hundred to many thousands of people you can have confidence in Best Sport Medics being able to give a professional coverage.

Some Events


We treat some of the Events we are involved in confidentially and as such cannot display a full complement of ones attended. We do cover Events like Carols by Candlelight, Santa Run, Rock Concerts, New Years Eve Fireworks, Chinese New Year, Sporting Events, Relay For Life, Pageant of Lights, Food & Wine Festival, Corporate Events, Food & Wine Festivals, Anzac Day Marches, Chamber of Commerce Dinners, Business Development Body dinner.

What can we do?


Our Teams are highly trained in pre hospital emergency care first aid and can assist with Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well as Muscular Skeletal assistance, Massage, Advanced Sport Taping, Advanced Kinesio taping, ECG/EKG, Wound Closure. The majority of our Teams are able to conduct airway interventions, defibrillation, pain management and carry the appropriate equipment to do this. Many of our high level Team can cannulate to TKVO.

Our Team's


Our Teams consist of varied levels of training and expertise dependent on what is required by the Client. We can assist with Level 1 Sport's Trainer's, Level 2 National Advanced Sport Trainers, Level 3 Advanced Sport Trainers, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Advanced care Paramedics, Registered Nurses, Emergency Medical Technician, Critical Care Paramedics, Medical Doctor's. Appropriate equipment comes with the varying levels of Team member. 



Our experiences on and off field extends for many years and includes cardiac arrests, major bleeds, trauma,  open fractures, cardiac conditions, diabetes, open wounds, concussions, brain injuries, spinal injuries as well as soft tissue injuries. What ever happens to your people on field or spectators in the crowd we are able to give you the confidence that we have been there before and our people are trained to act quickly and professionally to assess and move your Player or Spectator to the next level of care as quickly as is possible.