Certificates - how do i get them and what happens if I loose mine ?

We send e-certificates with various forms of security built in to ensure that they cannot be fraudulently changed.  If you need a copy, simply log into the student portal on our website and download a copy. There is NO CHARGE FOR THIS.

Do you conduct training for any large organisations ?

Yes we do and have, our RTO's have been around for many many years and as such we are utilised by many National & International Organisations and Government Bodies.

What happens if i fail the course ??

Firstly " fail " is not a word we use in modern adult education. Our trainers are extremely experienced and will work with you until we are satisfied that you are satisfactory in all aspects of the course.

Once I've completed a first aid course is that it ?

Not really. There are a few things that you need to do and some things that you should do. We can help you out with this.
Your CPR should be refreshed every 12 months - we will send you out a reminder via email
Your Provide First Aid should be refreshed every 3 years, again, we will send email reminders for you.
You should at least review CPR and how to apply slings regularly -
We also feel that we should assist you in all things first aid even after you have completed a course - if you have any questions or concerns in relation to application of first aid please call us.
What about first aid kits ? what do i need ?
We can certainly assist with this area, just call our office on 07 41111614 

Defibrillators .....do i need one ?

This will depend on your situation and where you are as well as many other factors, have a talk to our experts on this as they have many years of experience using Defibrillators on patients, 07 41111614.

I have a group of people at my Club, can you do a training there and is it extra costs?

yes we certainly can deliver a course at your Club if the numbers are ok, we dont charge any extra for this.