May 19': 3 Levels of Emergency Medical Technician Course now available.

Emergency Medical Technician basic

Emergency Medical Technician Basic.



  • Certificate IV in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Response - 10734NAT
  • Mandatory pre course assessments
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Primary & Secondary Assessments
  • Patient Assessment and History Taking
  • Documentation of Records & Reports
  • Scene Size Up - Kinematics
  • Airway (Basic)
    • -  Bag Valve Mask Resuscitators
    • -  Manually Triggered Ventilators
    • -  Oro/Nasopharyngeal Airways
    • -  Suction Equipment
  • Advanced Circulatory Technology

- ResQPOD / CardioPump / ResQGARD)

• Advanced Airway
- Supraglottic Airways

  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Cardiac Defibrillation (AEDs)
  • Diabetes and Altered Mental States
  • Poisoning and Overdose
  • Shock and Haemorrhage
  • Moving and Lifting Patients
  • Environmental Exposure
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Chest Injuries
  • Pharmacology - Emergency Drug Therapy
  • Inhaled Analgesia (Entonox / Penthrane)
  • Medication Administration
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Patient Management and Packaging
    • -  Spinal Stabilisation & Immobilisation
    • -  Extrication Devices
    • -  Stretchers and Carrying Devices
  • SMART Triage (Multiple Casualty Incidents)
  • Intravenous Cannulation and Fluid Therapy
  • Intraosseous Vascular Access
  • Communications / Stress Management / Diversity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Wound Management and Closure
  • ECG Interpretation (3 Lead)
  • Holistic Assessments
  • Control the bleed

NO BOOKINGS taken after 22nd April 2019 for the July course.

RTO 5919 First Response Australia.

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Upcoming EMT Course


22nd July 2019

Course at Bundaberg Queensland.



Course bookings CLOSE 12 weeks before the course (no bookings taken after 22nd April 2019 for the July course) to allow completion of the 300 hours of pre course study and assignments.

RTO 5919 First Response Australia.

Requirements & Prices



Entry Requirements: - HLTAID003 Provide first aid or equivalent and current Australian driver’s license.

Payment Plan for Basic EMT as follows:
Payment 1: $1,048.75 deposit required at time of enrolment 
Payment 2: $1,048.75 payable 6 weeks after pre course material is received
Payment 3:  $1,048.75 payable 2 weeks after Payment 2 
Payment 4:  $1,048.75 payable Friday (week before the face to face component commences)

NOTE: If for any reason you need to transfer your enrolment booking date, the original final payment date remains the same

We accept ALL Credit Cards, Electronic Funds Transfer, Cheque or Money Order

Cost Includes:
Manuals, Student Folders with Study Guides, and Certificate.Optional / Additional Qualifications:
Manage medical response presence at a special event NEW 

Provide pre-hospital intermediate cardiac life support NEW

STOP THE BLEED - Undertake advanced control techniques for life threatening bleeding NEW

Course Physicality

This program requires a level of fitness and stamina to complete a range of physical tasks as listed below:

  • Spend extended periods of time on your knees (ie. during resuscitation training and assessments); 
  • Lifting and moving of persons utilising various lifting devices; 
  • Lifting and moving of persons in awkward and/or confined spaces such as up and down stairways and in and out of ambulances; 
  • As well as this, the student will need to be involved in the holistic role plays that will require the taking of blood pressures, pulses, assessing respirations and conducting a head to toe survey, which requires palpation to assess hypothetical injuries and conditions. 

At all times BSM wishes to maintain the health and safety of it's students during all aspects of the program.

NOTE: If you are in doubt concerning your ability to complete the above tasks, please contact the staff at Best Sport Medics/Best First Aid Training.

RTO 5919 First Response Australia.

FRA Information Book

Core Competencies



* Confirm physical health status (HLTAP401)
* Comply with infection control policies and procedures (HLTINF001)
* Work legally and ethically (CHCLEG001)
* Move and lift patients in a pre-hospital care setting (EMRPHC402)
* Undertake comprehensive assessment of a patient and document results (EMRPHC403)
* Provide administration of emergency medication in a pre-hospital care setting (EMRPHC404) * Assess and administer emergency medical care (EMRPHC405)
* Provide pre-hospital trauma life support (EMRPHC406)
* Apply risk management processes (RIIRIS301)


* * * * * * * * *

Undertake intravenous cannulation and fluid therapy (EMRPHC408) Implement the universal triage system for pre-hospital care (EMRPHC410) Undertake emergency medical airway management techniques (EMRPHC414) Utilise intrathoracic pressure regulation technology within emergency medical  care(EMRPHC412) Undertake intraosseous vascular access (EMRPHC413)

Provide pain management (PUAEME005)
Provide emergency care for suspected spinal injury (PUAEME004) Undertake wound identification, management and closure (EMRPHC407)

Apply and interpret electro cardiographs (EMRPHC411)

PLUS Control The Bleed

RTO 5919 First Response Australia.

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Course Duration; Cancellations & Refunds BSM


Certificate IV in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Response - 10734NAT.

Duration and Mode of Delivery:

The program is delivered in two stages: * 300 (approx) hours of pre-course assessments (self directed) * 12 days face to face (conducted over a 13 day period)

BSM’s Refund EMT Course Policy contains guidelines for guaranteeing the refund of fees to participants should BSM cancel or discontinue the EMT course. The following is the policy for the EMT courses:

NOTE: BSM’s policy is different to First response Australia due to BSM having to pay fees to FRA upon your original registration. 

· ALL fees are payable before course commencement.

· Cancellations will be accepted if advice is received no later than 60 days prior to course commencement. A refund will then be issued less an administration fee of 20% of course price. No refund is given for cancellations after the 60 days.

· Transfer of your booking to another course will be accepted if request is received no later than 7 days prior to course start date.

· Transferred bookings will only be valid for 6 months, thereafter a new course and full fees will be required.

· Clients may select to send another student in place of the original at no extra charge.

· BSM may cancel or postpone courses if insufficient enrolments.

· If BSM cancels courses fees will be refunded.

· If BSM postpones course to another date, then fees will remain as is.

· You may transfer your course 2 occasions only (dependent upon receiving sufficient notice – as above) After this enrolment will be cancelled and fees forfeited. 

RTO 5919 First Response Australia.

Target Audience


Target Audience

This Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program is the only true Certificate IV EMT accredited qualification in the country.

It incorporates the highest clinical content of any program up to the Diploma level utilizing the latest and innovative EMS equipment and world’s best practice techniques.

The program is designed for participants wishing to gain a Certificate IV EMT qualification developed by industry for industry.

The course is especially suited for Industrial and Event/Sports Medics, Remote Area First Responders, Specialised Security Personnel, Firefighters, Rescue Personnel and Patient Transport Officers.

All assessments are completed on the program and work experience under clinical guidance is not required.

RTO 5919 First Response Australia.